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CH, SGC, RW Grimoire's Shalamar of HylanderClan

Breeding and Showing Beautiful 

Turkish Angora Cats 

for more than ten years

My name is Karen Delmont, and I am a hobby breeder of only one breed:  

the Turkish Angora!

Mine is a small cattery in Jacksonville, Florida.

All cats and kittens are loved and raised under foot in my home, 

and none are in cages. 

I breed for all acceptable colors, but mostly whites.

Shalamar's had NEW KITTENS!

Born March 30, 2013

This will be her last litter,and she did herself proud with FIVE babies in her last hurrah.  And get this:  four boys and only one girl!

The little girl, Desiree, is staying with me and will one day be featured on this website as a new mom!  But first she will cuddle with me, go to cat shows, romp and play, and finish her kittenhood with all the other Turkish Angoras in the house.

Stay tuned for announcements of a new litter in the next few months.

My star and the mother of these kittens is

the beautiful girl in the purple above,

Grimoire's Shalamar of HylanderClan.

You may click for   Shalamar's Formal Photos .

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Thank you for your patience.

Please check back for future updates.

Photos by Karen Delmont, Helmi, and Chanan.  

Website design and text by Sue A. Howland.  Story based almost entirely on actual events as told by Karen Delmont.

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