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 Azima's Purrfect Posy of HylanderClan

Below is a family picture:  From left to right are Azima's Purrfect Ellie Gantz, and her daughters Purrfect Posy and Purrfect Blossom, Posy's statuesque older sister.

Several photos of Posy at a couple of cat shows in the kitten category.

Barbara Azan, the breeder of Posy, found a doll's outfit at a flea market to play "dress up" with her newest kitten.  

I don't think it has scarred Posy's psyche for life!

To the right is Posy, seen in her exhausting role as Beautiful Girl #43 in Animal Planet's Cats 101, taped while she still lived with her breeder, Barb Azan.

You might enjoy seeing the segment on Turkish Angoras from Animal Planet's website here:


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