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Shalamar is happy to present HER KITTENS!

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On November 6, 2011, Shalamar gave birth to these three kittens, two boys and one girl -- beautiful babies like she always has.  I have decided to keep the girl and have named her Desiree.

Now, at four months of age, the boys are AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!  

They began life looking like this:     >

At about 4 weeks, they looked like this:  \/

They are healthy, hearty, and sweet little scamps.  All three are playful, curious, and very affectionate! Sweet as they can be!

These guys play and romp with one another and all of the cats in their area during the day, and they eagerly greet me at the door when I come home from work, meowing like mad.

As they get older, they leap onto my shoulders and into my arms, purring like well tuned machines. What a great welcome!  No one at work is this glad to see me!


After the dinner ritual, they follow me around from room to room, overseeing my work as I clean dishes and litter boxes, etc.     

After my work, it's their playtime.   

You remember what they say about a mother's work is never done?!  But they need me to "operate" all their toys!  I toss, and they stalk, pounce, growl, and drag stuffed creatures all around.  I operate the laser toy and they chase dots on the floors and up the walls. 

But their favorite is the bird on a wand!  Turkish Angoras are famous for their athleticism.  These guys can jump SO HIGH!   

(Soon I'll share photos of them playing with their toys.)

Some evenings we watch television together.  \/

Other times they will get overly curious and find themselves stuck in or behind something (like behind the refrigerator a couple of days ago), then cry and cry until their mom or I hear them and come running to "rescue" them.  Mom and I are so relieved!

But, unruffled, they'll look up at me like this below with an expression like, "What's your problem?"    \/ 

 <  Desiree is on the left. She has the small kitten cap (little black beauty spot on her head) because she is the petite, dainty girl.   :D   

(Not really.  Spot size doesn't relate to gender.)

The boy on the top has no spots, and the boy on the right has the big kitten cap.

No, I did not paint my cats' heads to tell them apart! The kitten cap is a little something Mother Nature put on them so SHE can tell them apart.  :D  It disappears usually within the first year.

/\   On weekends my three little shadows help me with the ironing.   

It is labor intensive, and the work is exhausting!  They simply must stop and  rest sometime!    \/

Occasionally the kittens slow down enough to practice their posing for the nice photographer.

Getting quite good at it, wouldn't you say?


At the end of the day, after playtime is cuddle time, when they do their little nose bumps with me, until at last (my personal favorite) sleeping with me.  

  Soon there will be photos of that here, too  :)   

Who can believe these elegant creatures can be such energetic scamps and playful clowns? 

 Particulars about adopting:   

All of the kittens are up to date on their kitten shots.  The boys will be neutered and have their rabies shots before they go to their new home(s).   

Kittens will be examined and receive health certificates within 10 days of adoption (or shipping). A microchip can be inserted at that time if desired by the new owner for an extra fee.

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