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More of Shalamar's Kittens

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Can't get enough photos of kittens?  

Neither can I, so I'm sharing more of their 

intense "adorableness" with you here.  Enjoy!

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One boy has the big kitten cap (black spot on his head); the other has no kitten cap.

Desiree has the petite kitten cap -- because she is the dainty girl.   :)    

For those who don't know about kitten caps, they are not paint I brushed on the kittens!  They are temporary marks, something Mother Nature herself put there, and they disappear usually within the first year.  They are helpful to breeders because they can indicate what color a kitten carries genetically under that white fur and the color the kitten can pass along to their babies.

                                       Rocky Balboa in training.     /\     

  This is what breeders affectionately call the Milk Bar!  \/

     This gives new meaning to "eating on the run"!      \/

                                                 What a tongue!!!     \/

And Finally:

                   This is a very recent photo.  Elegance!!!    \/

     Hey!  She's smiling!!!   \/    What a happy little momcat!

 Where EVER did that kitten get his EARS?!?  /\

                                                                                           \/   Oh, yeah.  :)

"Do not adjust your television set."     \/

Yes, it is out of focus, but it's the only photo I have to show how regal these guys can look and to see how those famous beautiful Angora tails are developing -- so I included it here.  I hope you don't mind.  :)

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